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ISO 9001 certificate
ISO 9001 certificate


Die Halter AG erledigt Stanzarbeiten mit Presskräften bis zu 120 Tonnen und bearbeitet Stanzteile nach (Gewinde schneiden, Ansenken, Trowalisieren, Reiben, usw.), Oberflächenbehandlung

Stamping Machines


We even punch with the tools we manufactured, and also with tools delivered by our customers.


In our punching shop we have punching presses with forces of up to 1200kN (120 tons) that we can use for your orders. The punching procedures can be supervised electronically by means of modern systems, which prevents tool failures and downtimes.


We carefully select our suppliers for coils, strips and bars and build a lasting relationship based on partnership with them.


Sometimes you may be in a hurry, then we will find a solution for you and procure the appropriate material as fast as possible. For many regularly ordered articles we have the same material in stock to avoid any bottlenecks.

Stamping Machines 1

Stamping Machines 2

Stamping Machines 3




We supply punched parts at your request with all the reworks, such as thread cutting, counterboring, vibratory grinding, rubbing, etc.


If you want surface-treated parts, we work together closely with several companies specialised in this area.

Rework 1

Rework 2





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